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Why a Bespoke Suit is Worth It

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Bespoke Suits can last a lifetime. If that is not enough to convince you, continue reading as we discuss how valuable handcrafted suits truly are.

1. Handcrafted Specifically for You

Our body is naturally imperfect. Perfect symmetry is rare, and each person's build differs from everyone else's. Some have a slightly longer left arm than the right, a long torso, etc. Anything off the rack may not be the best for you.

The beauty of bespoke is that all these areas are taken into consideration so you get a suit that highlights your key features and manages unwanted details. Tailors would even advise colors that match your skin tone, lapel size, collar types, and more to ensure you truly look your best.

In a couple of sessions, expect your suit to arrive in your preferred fabric, color, patterns, and, most especially, a true fit that compliments and strengthens your natural features and your overall look.

2. Timeless Style that Lasts a Lifetime

Timelessness is actually a trait of any well-fitting suit. You can "make do" with fuse and ready to wear pieces if fit isn't too far off from your true fit. Bespoke suits, however, push the envelope by transcending time with regard to style and lifetime wearability.

Suits have been around since the 1800’s and are still an essential piece of menswear today. Trends in suiting (wide-legged pants in the 70’s, padded shoulders in the 90’s) may come and go but the last 20 years have proven that fit is the most important element of a good and lasting suit.

Fabrics tend to be delicate materials that do wear with use, but high quality fabrics made with the best weaving methods are preferred by master tailors in crafting bespoke suits. Price point may be a point of concern but it will ultimately be worth it as it will last nearly a lifetime.

In order to truly last a lifetime, have your suit done in a full canvas construction. There is no glue or fusing used which prevents suits from blistering, which occurs when the glue ages and eventually loses its bond. It takes a master tailor with decades of experience to hone the art of full canvas construction, so if your haberdashery makes this available, we suggest jumping at the opportunity.

One more consideration in lasting a lifetime is how one’s build may change. In case you do add to your build, and your bespoke suit begins to feel restricting, master tailors leave a substantial amount of additional fabric within the seams in anticipation of any adjustments the wearer might need. A quick fitting, drop off and pick up at your atelier is all that is needed.


You will need a suit at some point in your life. Be it for social gatherings like weddings or professional advancement. Anything off the rack might “do the job” but not to the full capacity of a suit. The level of formality demanded by these events may be met to some extent, but a truly excellent suit, or rather a bespoke one, will look, fit and feel right.

Our clients are the perfect example for this. When they get their suit on the third, and usually last, appointment, they are brimming with excitement. A perfect fit with clean lines, their selected fabric and patterns all come together and create an aura of purpose and confidence. They tell us they can’t wait to meet their bosses at events, or walk down the aisle as if the wedding were for the groom (just kidding, ladies.)

Because proper bespoke suits shows no points of nuisance such as unnatural bubbling, wrinkling and blisters, there is nothing to lose, looks to gain, and strong impressions to leave.


Have you gotten a bespoke suit already? Or do you intend on getting one? Either way, we hope this post sheds light on the true benefits of a good bespoke suit and why it is worth the figures it tends to come with.

If you would like to further explore bespoke suits, especially for yourself, schedule a free consultation with us. Samples and swatches are just at our haberdashery, and we’d gladly tell you more over a cup of coffee or a glass of whisky.

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