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3 Suits to Impress at Events

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

To those who frequent formal events or fancy dressing up at the Friday night usual, here are some styles you will want to take on.

1. Three-piece Suit in Yale Blue

A perfect ensemble that seamlessly fits in both formal and casual events.

If you've visited our blog in the past, you may have seen this in our other post where we list down our 3 Suits for the Professional. There we've listed why this suit is best for special days and appointments, and it just so happens that those same reasons meet our criteria for an events suit.

We've previously defined this as your statement suit in only select moments or days of your career, but put in the event context, this is great for both formal and casual events.

This expressive, pure worsted wool suit comes in an unconventional two-tone blue with herringbone pattern which allows you to display both character refined taste.

We're positive this suit will pique the interest of anyone at the event. You just might catch some appreciating this longer than expected.

2. Three-piece Suit in Black with Pinstripes

Formal with flair.

Award nights, upscale conventions, formal holiday gatherings, and select personal events come to mind when picturing this suit. Major contributors to this formal essence are the peak lapels and the vest.

This suit is made with pure worsted wool, as any formal event suit would. Fabric of this one in particular is from Ermenegildo Zegna, which gives off a luxurious look, fit and feel.

Pinstripes add character and tone down the formality just a notch, making it more appropriate for events than business meetings.

For a more casual fit, consider discarding the vest.

3. Sports Jacket in Green with Glen Checks + Single Gurkha Trousers in cream

Elevated casual for casual events.

Although technically not a suit, due to the mismatching jacket and trousers, this still creates a smart casual look, well beyond button downs and chinos. Look to this style if you'd like to impress during the day or night, without the worry of overdressing.

The sports jacket is made with a sage green wool silk linen fabric, and finished in Prince of Wales (Glen Checks) pattern. These three create a casual, yet elevated look.

With the sports jacket as your highlight piece, you may want to tone it down with in other areas while still retaining some character. The single gurkha trousers in cream makes the perfect contrast. Despite this muted color, these pants might even be the point of interest for some.

Have the trousers done in cotton if you anticipate frequent wash and wear.

Pro tip: Pick the right fabric. These come in different textures and create different effects for the overall outfit. You can see the difference between the first two suits and the last. Consult with your tailor for which fabric works best. And, as always, consider full canvas construction for the best fit and feel possible.

We hope this post gave you some ideas of how you can get creative and more stylish with your suits. This list should cover most types of events one might have attend to. Let's save tuxedos for another time.


Are there any events we missed? Let us know in the comments section and we'll discuss more in the next blog.

Have a great day, gentlemen.

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