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3 Suits for the Professional

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Whether it is an industry requirement or a style choice, you will want to have well-made and stylish suits ready for your regular appointments and big moments.

These are distinct styles we would like every professional to consider.

1. Double-breasted Suit in Dark Brown

Perfect as your day-to-day suit.

Wide, peak lapels on a double breasted jacket is always appropriate for any professional engagement. This combination also creates a distinguished aura that commands respect and showcases authority.

Dark brown, pure worsted wool from Vitale Barberis Canonico

We will always recommend charcoal grey or navy colors for your first, or even first two suits. If you are looking

The dark brown is an excellent choice. As this is an unlikely color of choice, you create a more distinct identity which generates positive separation from your peers. Expect your superiors, colleagues, and clients are likely to remember you for this subtle detail.

This and the other suits on this list are made with pure worsted wool. This fabric is a mid-weight and hard wearing you can wear all year round, perfect for office suits. The yarns normally come in a 60-80 twist – the higher the twist, the finer and lighter the fabric.

2. Three-piece Suit in Yale Blue with Herringbone

While still a formal suit, this style and color is best reserved for special days and appointments.

This is similar to the previous, in some ways: Firstly, this also offers a wide, peak lapel for the same purpose. Although the suit no longer comes in a double-breasted jacket, the vest offsets any lost formality. Not to mention, this creates depth and flair to the the overall attire.

Looking to replicate this effect? Note that fabric comes from the Cacciopoli, Solaro Collection.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this suit boasts an unconventional color. Yale blue with red undertone combined with a herringbone pattern showcases an evolved and refined taste that both novice and adept suit enthusiasts will take note of.

Look to create a bigger statement in this suit.

3. Double-breasted suit in Charcoal with Herringbone and Pinstripes

This goes between your day-to-day and statement suits.

Though more similar in build as the dark brown suit, it is not as simple in design, nor is it as loud as the two-tone blue suit. This double-breasted suit offers a little more than your day-to-day through its pattern: pinstripes.

Pants are made with Common Suits signature crescent pleats

As this comes in a darker shade, the contrast between the pattern and charcoal base color allows the herringbone + pinstripe blend to be more prominent, therefore showcasing a little more of that acquired taste.

When you want a little more than your day-to-day, but less than your statement suit. Look to have this as a safe, yet stylish alternative.

If we had to start over with our closet, we would probably work around these three. If you have something similar or even these exact styles, we would like to congratulate you for having S-Class taste.

Pro tip: Get your suit in full canvas. Undoubtedly the second wisest decision you'll make for a business suit (first one is opting for full bespoke). Suits made in this construction these will last nearly a lifetime. Because they are incredibly lightweight, breathable , and less-restricting than fuse and half-canvas, these suits are great for the busy professional. It is especially worth noting that full canvas suits conform to your body much better with continuous wear.

Before we go, we would like to remind everyone that fit is king. One won't maximize the potential of European fabrics in the best colors, patterns, and construction if your tailor can't get fit right. This is why we strongly advise going full bespoke, as everything is made in consideration of your body's specifications.


Thank you for reading. We hope you got some ideas for your first or next business suit. Do you have any favorites? Share them with us in the comments section.

Have a great day, gentlemen.

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