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2 Suits You Will Need in Your Lifetime

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

In a lifespan, you will probably attend one or more weddings, graduations, and/or job interviews. Here are a 2 suits that will carry you through days that demand added formality. Read all the way until the end for a bonus suit.

Workwear Suit

Double Breasted Suit made with Dark Brown, Pure Worsted Wool.

Job interviews are stepping stones in building the professional life. Presentations, conventions, and other professional gatherings are your leaps. Both kinds of events demand that you make your mark in order to advance your career. Those days are suiting days.

Have interviewers and superiors acknowledge you as a man of power and dedication to your craft by dressing the part. Wearing a proper fitting suit shows that you are organized, detail-oriented and serious about business.

A single-breasted suit will always work but double breasted is always more formal and is as "power-dressing" as it can get. Regardless, make ensure that it fits your build well and is made with formal, dressier fabrics such as pure worsted wool. Look for a neutral color such as charcoal or navy for versatility in styling, or explore more distinct neutral colors for a signature look and color to add to your personal branding.

As always, we recommend scheduling a consultation with your fitter or tailor, especially if this will be your first or second suit.


"If you want to look as formal as you can look without going into black tie, that's when you can wear a three-piece if you don't own a double-breasted jacket."

Chalk Stripe Three Piece Suit

Having the ability to manage the formality of your outfit by keeping or removing the vest makes this suit a must have for event-goers.

Consider having one in black as it fits most events you are likely to attend (weddings, debuts, galas, etc). Stick to a dressier fabric to ensure you do not underdress, but consider minimal patterns to add more character with out drastically compromising formality.


Casual Cotton Seersucker Double Breasted Suit

Not quite as essential as the other two, but crucial to any gentleman in the sartorial lifestyle

A casual suit allows you to have an empowering, elevated look without the (literal) weight of a formal one.

Single or double breasted are both fine options, but the key element to this is fabric. Opt for cotton, seersucker, or other fabric blends that are likely to crease. These make any garment have a more laid-back approach. This applies even to suit.

Secondary element would be color. Opt for lighter shades or mismatching jackets and trousers for a less formal, more fashion

An intriguing mix of elements is this casual cotton seersucker double breasted suit. It is uncommon to see someone sporting such a a suit on a weekend, all the more a double breasted suit.

Cotton and linen offsets the usual formality expected from a double breasted jacket while retaining its status as a bold statement piece. Because of the fabrics used, this suit is also easy to wear because of its light weight and breathability.

This intriguing piece is perfect for moments as casual as Friday night drinks, romantic dates on Saturday afternoons, or an easy Sunday brunch.


We hope this post has gotten you ready for upcoming occasions mentioned or your upcoming suit consultation.

Please keep us in mind for your suiting needs. Our schedule is only by appointment as of this blog but consultation is always free.

As always, have a good day, gentlemen.

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