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Wearing Suits in the Pandemic

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

People are going back out for work, leisure and events such as weddings. It also means there's more opportunity to get dressed.

Because we're not out for long hours and aren't recognizable because of our masks, to some, it seems like there's no reason to "dress up" and look good. We actually think it's the opposite.

Our style has a louder voice, now more than ever. With our faces covered up, showing less expression, our gestures, posture, and even outfits, speak more.

To others, people "dress to impress", but for us at Common Suits, we like to dress up for us. It is a part of our character and something we have fun with. We'd like to think we're not the only ones.

There's a certain joy to putting together and wearing the right outfit. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes to see pieces come together, but there is fulfilment in being to express our style and personality as intended. It can be likened to finding the right words to say at a job interview, or talking to your loved one, and then getting the response you had hoped for (or at least, to us).

That said, we'd like to share a number of outfits to consider based on the times we have to dress up nowadays. If ever you do have these suits made, feel free to add your own twist to it: Add patterns, switch up the fabric, etc. That's one of the best things about going bespoke, after all.

1. The Weekday

A cotton two-piece suit combines form, function, and resistance - perfect for long hours. Because we have to keep clean and sanitized more often than before, having a suit (or more) in this fabric is highly suggested because it is able to withstand more washes than others.

2. The Weekend

Saturdays and Sundays still seem like the best time to go out to take a break or change of pace. Regardless of your weekend plans, make it feel more like a weekend by dressing like it.

Those who adhere to smart casual looks will enjoy a light-colored sports jacket over a crisp white shirt and wool silk linen trousers. Fabric and pattern combined with the structure and elegant lines of the jacket create a casual yet sophisticated flair.

3. The Meeting

Your Weekday suit is in the wash or you have a big meeting coming up. Whether you're going to be at the office or online at the call, you have to dress the part.

The Double-breasted suit is a classic. Because the style has been shown in movies like Kingsman and Wolf of Wallstreet, guests and co-workers would know that you mean business. The Common Suits house cut amplifies the impact this style brings to the table as one of the main points of this cut is the waist suppression, which creates the effect of a wider chest and a v-shaper upper body structure.

Request for chalkstripes when you have your suit made for an even classier, distinguished look.

4. The Event

In this time of limited events, you will need at least one good suit to work with. Opt for a charcoal suit. The color fits any occasion. In our house cut, you can get clean, strong lines that create a more distinguishable look.

It's also worth noting how impressive this suit looks even when unbuttoned. The jacket still drapes well and retains a natural suppression in the waistline.

If you are the celebrant or host of the event, do be adventurous. Look into other colors and patterns to make you and your event more memorable. As for fabrics, you can never go wrong with worsted wool but a wool silk linen suit might work better for more casual events. Something worth considering for those event recap videos.

Wear without the vest for a more toned down look, add on the vest if the event calls for it.


Are suits too much in this time? We don't think so. If you enjoy them, they're a great way of expressing your mood, creativity, and taste and there's no reason to downplay that. Just make sure that you are sanitizing your hands and clothes as needed. We are already quite limited in what we do, where we go, and how we deal with certain aspects of life. Don't compromise on your personality. Be comfortable in your own skin and style.

If you would like us to make any of the above suits for you, or maybe something more specific to you, it would be our pleasure. Book a free consultation with us here or get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, or mobile (+639178124193).

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