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The Wedding Suit Special (Ongoing)

It excites us to know that more-and-more wedding plans are finally in motion after nearly a year of adapting to the new normal. As the grooms and their friends and families make the necessary arrangements, it would be our pleasure to contribute by making the suiting process easier.

While getting a bespoke suit from us is already an easy process with us (suit available on 3rd appointment), a matching shirt is still another item on the list, which we would gladly provide.

To celebrate the upcoming union, grooms and their attendees will receive a complimentary custom shirt with every wedding suit made with our European fabrics. Because we already have the measurements from the suit fitting, there are no additional appointments needed for the shirt with Common Suits or elsewhere.

As always, our fitting specialist would gladly help in the selection of cuts, patterns, and fabrics during the first appointment: the free consultation.

This treat is for both grooms and guests of 2021-2022 weddings. Deadline for placing orders is on March 15, 2021.

Kindly fill up the form below so our fitting specialist may get in touch for the first appointment and answer any queries might have.


To the guests, let us all raise our glasses to the groom.

To the groom, our congratulations to you and your partner.

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