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How to Style for the Wedding

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Have you gotten your suit ready? How are you folding your pocket square? Are you getting a boutonniere? Here are styling tips for the big day, for both the groom and the guests.


Gauge the formality of the event before picking out a suit. If you're attending something along the lines of a church wedding and an indoor reception, a two-piece suit with a single breasted jacket in charcoal gray or navy would do the job well. To add more formality and style, look into picking up a double breasted jacket.

For garden, beach, and any other outdoor or casual set-ups, you can get away with lighter colors like cream and grey, and more relaxed materials such as linen and seersucker.

There are a lot of things to look at for your suit. We recommend consulting with a tailor. You can also read our guide to wedding suits to get a better idea on how to get started.

Pocket Square

A great way to add more style and character without compromising the formality of an event and the dignity of a suit is by adding a pocket square. If you're looking to wear a suit more than once (and we think you should!), having different designs and folds at your disposal will switch up your look.

Silk would be your go-to material due to its premium feel. Much like suits, you can experiment with blended materials such as wool silk to add more texture. Maybe even go full linen if it fits the event.

Go beyond the flat fold on this event. Try the puff fold for a stylish yet conservative approach or the reverse puff for a more exuberant look. The stairs fold gets you the best of both. You can check this and more folds in this blog from Rampley and Co.


Though another way to add more flair, we suggest wearing one only as demanded by the theme.

The groom should have some flowers that match the bride's bouquet for a beautiful, complementing accent. Groomsmen may follow the same format by matching those of the bridesmaids'. If you have more freedom to choose, consider matching them to your pocket square.

Now's the time for the buttonhole.

As men who appreciate the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into crafting a great suit, we highly recommend that you do not pin your boutonniere to preserve its form and quality. After all, a good suit should have a buttonhole in the lapel, where the flower should go through. As a gentleman, you may have to pin it if the event demands everyone to do so. Though we pray you do not have to go through this process.


We believe every gentleman should have one pair of Oxford Balmorals for all formal gatherings - wedding included. Wear black for most dark-colored suits such as a choarcoal gray suit. You can opt for brown shoes with navy.

Loafers may be tough to pull off but may work well depending on your style and the event theme.


The boys have your back on this special day. To honor that brotherhood, some grooms opt to match everything with the groomsmen from top to bottom. While this is entirely up to the groom and dependent on the theme, we recommend not going all out on this one as it's a wedding for one. Complementing would be a better alternative as the groom must be the man of the day.


Thanks for reading. What did you think of our list? Is there anything else you would like to know more about? Let us know in the comments. If you'd like to share anything or ask something in private, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us for your suit and styling for the event.


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