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A Guide to Your Wedding Suit - 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Whether you're heavily involved in the wedding planning or just need to show up for the big day, there's one thing a groom can't overlook - your suit.

You may be sure about showing up, but what about how you will show up? Here are a few things you'll need to consider for your wedding suit.


Fit is king. Your suit loses power when it is too tight or loose. With all eyes on you (after the bride), you deserve to feel and look your best.

Don’t just take out a measuring tape, do it yourself, and text the details to your tailor. 2-3 months before you go down that aisle, make the time and effort to get fitted professionally for a flattering, form-fitting suit.


You can't go wrong with a navy or charcoal gray suit. Either is appropriate for the big day. We'll even say that having a suit in either color should be in every gentleman's closet as they're great for any formal.

A garden or beach wedding is a great opportunity to be more playful with the overall design of the suit as it is on the more casual side of wedding set-ups. No longer bound by formality concerns, you can now pick other colors such as cream and grey, which are lighter tones that stand out more. If you are reading this after you have had your suit done in charcoal, there is no reason to be anxious as the aforementioned dark colors are still fit for the event.

As for your shirt, go for a solid color to preserve the formality of the event. Best go for white or other lighter shades such as blue and cream.


A two-piece suit with a single breasted, two button jacket is a simple option with timeless elegance. Bonus: This is also on the more affordable spectrum of suit styles.

If you're seeking some added flair and formality, go for a double-breasted suit. Always have a formal dress shirt and necktie when you do. There may be a minor difficulty in moving in this jacket, so we would like to reiterate the importance of visiting your tailor to get the right fit.

For added confidence, look longer and leaner with three-piece suit. Having a vest or waistcoat covers more of your upper, thus visually lengthening your legs. This is especially great for pictures and men of a certain height.


One can’t go wrong with a wool suit. To the common ear, it does sound like a heavy material, but on suits it is actually very lightweight, breathable, and has an excellent drape. This is perfect for any occasion – weddings included.

A linen wedding suit is a perfect for a summer outdoor wedding. Another casual option to look into would be a seersucker suit due to its slightly looser fit.


The urge to do something special for such a memorable day may be tempting, but there’s no shame in going plain. A plain suit is not boring, it is classic.

Maybe you have one plain suit too many or maybe you really feel like taking it up a notch. A subtle twist would be going for light patterns such as pinstripes for added texture.

Thicker stripes or window panes are louder statements best suited for casual weddings.


Thank you for reading, and congratulations on your engagement! We hope this guide has provided you with the information to get you started on your suit. If you are still looking where to get your a bespoke suit done, we hope you consider booking with us, here at Common Suits.


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