Common Suits Manila specializes in quality suits that are breathable, lightweight, and stylish. Handcrafted in Singapore, our suits showcase intricate details, skilled labor, and classic construction.


Suits tend to be perceived to be reserved for special occasions such as weddings, galla nights, and other formal events. However, we believe that suits have become a new means for the modern gentleman to express his personality, may it be through the different fabrics or even in the simple way that he carries himself when suited up.

Modern gentlemen opt to wear casual suits to put their best foot forward everyday. Apart from looking presentable and professional, suits make one feel more confident, making him feel like he can conquer his day.

Fabric Choices

A crowd favorite for everyday wear is a linen or wool silk linen sports jacket. The fabric is light and breathable, making it perfect for the Philippines’ tropical climate. Linen, most specifically, is great for warm weather as it is considered to be an open weave, allowing air to easily pass through the fabric.  


One can also opt for a jacket with a half lined or unlined construction to make it even more breathable. Common Suits take pride in its versatile and breathable suits as our tailors have been expertly crafting these warmer weather-friendly suits for years. These suits are made not just to achieve a polished look, but to maximize comfort as well.  


For a more formal look, pure worsted wool would be great as the fabric is smoother and less susceptible to wrinkles as compared to linens and cottons. Should a lighter fabric be preferred, light worsted wool fabric is also available. This would be perfect for professionals who are always on the go. Wool color options also include darker choices such as black, charcoal gray, and navy blue; colors that are more often than not chosen for formal suits. However, brown, beige, or even patterned fabric can also work depending on one’s preference.


One Piece Collar

Tab Collar

Classic, one-piece collar dress shirts are commonly chosen to wear with casual suits as they can be worn without a tie and are usually made using a pure cotton or linen fabric.  Since these types of shirts aren’t buttoned up to the neck, they give off a more relaxed look as compared to more formal dress shirts.

Formal shirts, otherwise referred to as tuxedo shirts, usually have buttons down the entire length of the front. Considered as the dressiest shirt in menswear, they are most often worn during black-tie affairs with a classic black or white tie, or even bowties. Cufflinks may also be worn for dressier events.


Worsted Wool Trousers

Pure Linen Trousers

While usually avoided in suits, creases in the fabric actually adds a more casual, laid back character. To achieve this, linen or cotton would be the best fabric, especially given that it is not as delicate as compared to wool. 


Wool, on the other hand, is reserved for more formal occasions as the material is less wrinkly. Trousers should also be worn without a belt for a more formal look, and should sit higher on the waist to make it look more seamless when worn with a suit jacket. 


With numerous fabrics to choose from, Common Suits can help meet everything you’re looking for in a suit and more. Our team of experts would also be more than happy to guide you through the suit making process, ensuring that your desired look is achieved without sacrificing comfort and style.

During this appointment, we will be discussing the different styles and fabrics that will best suit you. We will also be getting your measurements during this session.
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