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Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers in Greige Suede


Sophisticated, beautifully crafted and supremely comfortable, the Mens Classic Tassel Loafer is the first and most iconic style of Baudoin & Lange.


Comfortable straight out of the box, these fully unlined loafers feature a renowed creamy soft and supplest bespoke Asteria suede leathers in Greige, moulding perfectly to the unique to profile of your feet.


With its proprietary B&L® sole construction, the Sagan Loafer is padded for an all-day cushioned walk. Each Sagan Loafer is entirely handmade in B&L Atelier de Manufacture, following a bespoke and meticulous methodology involving hundreds of time-honoured steps.


Each pair of loafers is signed by their recognisable hand-struck 3 golden dots: the mark of its maker.


This Greige loafer is the perfect balance between grey & brown to wear for any occasion, from the office to dinner and even for travelling.

Baudoin & Lange Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers (Greige Suede)

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