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5 Tips for Suiting Up like a Pro

You’re going to attend a business event. Be it a networking party at a trade show or a gala dinner at an upscale hotel, you’ll want to look professional and sophisticated.

Many men, while brilliant in their professions, might stumble over style matters. We feel their charisma can shine through better if they turn up dressed tastefully at business events. Think of all the opportunities they might have missed because of their shabby attire!

And the worst thing is, in Asian culture, people tend to be more reserved; most likely, they won’t tell you that you look awful.

So we’re here to help you. Here’s how you can suit up for success – and not look like an amateur.


We get that you want a sleek look. However, wearing an overly tight shirt will make you look like you can’t wait to show off your gym results. You’ll feel uncomfortable, and so will the people looking at you. Whatever you do, stay away from an overly hugging fit.

That said, avoid an overly roomy fit as well. The baggy look with over-extended shoulder pads and sagging chests? So five-years-ago and really unattractive.

Opt for a balanced fit, one that accentuates your silhouette and brings out your assets and yet camouflages your flaws.

A well-balanced fit. (Image by Common Suits)


Never 100% polyester. You can spot a polyester suit from across the room. One tell-tale sign? The ugly shiny edges of the lapel and the side seams of the trousers. During ironing, the polyester content melts, and your jacket or trousers turn shiny. The shiny parts age your outfit and make it look at least two to three years older even though it may be new.

Instead, opt for pure wool fabric. It’s natural and more resilient to heat, so it won’t turn shiny if you press it at the right temperature, i.e. the “pure wool” setting. If not, go for at least a quality wool-blend material.


A tailored double-breasted suit makes for a more flattering silhouette. (Image by Common Suits)

A man in a well-cut double-breasted suit will definitely get him more double takes. It is a very empowering and authoritative look. It creates an inverted triangle shape that makes your silhouette more streamlined, especially if you are a bigger or wider man.

It makes a man look more masculine and classy.

It’s safe to say that in general, a tailored double-breasted suit looks more flattering than an off-the-rack one, because a double-breasted jacket requires a more precise fit.

It thus demands a more advanced level of drafting as compared to a single-breasted jacket. If you are keen on a double-breasted suit, be sure to look for a local tailor.


Single Gurkha Trousers. (Image by Common Suits)

A well-fitted pair of trousers doesn’t need a belt to be held in place. Hence, if you opt for a beltless pants, you’re sending a subtle message:  ‘Your pants are tailor-made’ – you’re someone who appreciates details.

You’ll also gain an additional 3–4 cm in height because your visual leg line will now start higher. Simply put, you’ll look taller.

A beltless option also makes your entire outfit more streamlined and cleaner, since there isn’t a clear division between your top and bottom, allowing a smooth transition from top to toe.

It makes your life easier too: you don’t have to match your belt to your shoes. Plus, if you’re a minimalist, you’ll definitely love beltless pants. It’ll complement your style very well.


You may look like a million bucks in a perfectly fitted suit, however, people do make judgments based on the way you carry yourself too.

When you behave as a true gentleman, you may or may not be able to stand out from others. But one thing is for sure: if you’re rude and inconsiderate, you’ll look uncultured, no matter how well you’re dressed.

Whether you’re wearing an off-the-rack, tailored or bespoke suit, keep in mind that every effort you put in represents your sincerity and respect for the people you’re meeting.

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