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3 Casual Styles to Try Out

Now that we're allowed to go out again, we are back to deciding what to wear. Some might have too many clothes to try or are stuck with the basics.

We'd like to share with you a few styles that we will revisit as we go about the new normal.

1. Casual Sartorial

It's still quite hot in the Philippines, but leisurely walking out in the open, even under the sun, is something a number of us actually miss after being inside for so long. To keep cool, opt for a layerless look with simple ensemble of a classic white t-shirt, trousers and loafers. We tend to rely on collars on shirts and jackets to add a sartorial element to the outfit, but wearing a well-fitting pair of pants with a bespoke touch on the waistband, such as these single gurkha trousers, will definitely carry the entire look. The dark brown suede loafers also ties the entire look together.

If you're looking to take the look further without going for suit, put on a lightweight, safari jacket as your statement layer.

2. Cotton Suit

For those who miss wearing suits but find worsted wools to be over the top for a casual stroll, a great alternative would be a full-cotton. Match it with a crisp white shirt on the inside and any pair of loafers. The balance between cut and fabric makes this a great option for the wearer, plus, its light and breathable nature makes it an easy all-day wear.

3. Sports Jacket

Still going with the more versatile, semi-casual theme, follow our first combination but experiment with a sports jacket. Avoid grabbing that navy or charcoal grey that came with your first suit. Be more playful and opt for different fabrics and patterns to add some depth to the attire.


While we've already touched based on fabric and pattern, this is probably worth mentioning: denim. A common fabric, yet not common on suits (no pun intended). This material creates a very interesting depth due to its texture, unstructured drape, and contrast to stitching and buttons.

Have you picked a style that interests you? Or maybe you have one that we didn't mention? Let us know!

P.S. Don't forget to wear your mask when you go out, and observe social distancing. Keep safe.

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