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The Common Suits House Cut is modern in silhouette and classic in style - a well-tailored, non-restricting fit with clean yet strong lines and an excellent drape. 


Our Master Tailor works with several cuts and features to achieve a look that encompasses Timelessness, Masculinity and Comfort:

Waist Suppression plays a key role achieving a masculine look as this creates the effect of a wider chest and v-shaped upper body structure.


Sleeve Heads are full and round to create a masculine shoulder line. While this helps greatly with silhouette, this also provides the wearer with added range of motion in the shoulder.

The natural lapel roll coupled with a gentle Lapel Belly creates a three-dimensional effect that makes the suit appear more lively.

Curved Gorge that shows seasoned craftsmanship

A Full Canvas Construction uses a material made of a blend of horse hair, wool, throughout the entire jacket front which helps the garment conform to the body of the wearer, creating a more natural look. 

Beyond the aesthetics, this make also comes with functional benefits, such as its light weight, breathability, mobility, and longevity.

High Waisted Trousers are also recommended to cover approximately 58-60% of the wearer’s height to maximize the wearer’s leg line, allowing him to appear taller and slimmer

On top of our house cut, our team has a combined experience of over 170 years in making bespoke suits. Techniques include identifying idiosyncaries in the human body posture, hence making appropriate bespoke patterns to accomodate them. Some of the common idiosyncaries include uneven shoulders, erect/slouching posture, forward/back arm pitch, etc.

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