1. How long for the full bespoke process?

   It will depend on the type of product:

   A full bespoke suit will take 3 months with a total of 3 to 4 appointments. 


   A full bespoke pair of trousers will take 2 months with a total of 3 to 4 appointments.

   A made to measure shirt will take 1 month with total of 2 appointments.

2. Do you make your suits Full Canvas?

   Yes, we craft most of our suits full canvas. However, additional charges will apply.

3. Are you suits handmade or machine made?

    All our suits are handcrafted using the classic way of suit construction.

4. What are the available materials?

    We have a wide range of materials, we have Cottons, Worsted Wool, Pure Linens and Wool Silk Linens in both House Fabrics and European Fabrics.

5. What are your Payment Terms?

    We require at least 50% down payment during the first appointment and the rest of the balance will be settled during the final fitting.

6. What are your Modes of Payments?

    We accept cash, cheques, credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), WeChat Pay and bank transfer (BDO and BPI)

7. What is your price range? 

   Prices would depend on the type of fabric and construction. 


      Starting Prices


      Suit (Jacket and Pants) --- PHP 38,500

      Tuxedo ------------------- PHP 44,500

      Jacket --------------------- PHP 36,500

      Vest ----------------------- PHP 7,750

      Trousers ------------------ PHP 9,750

      Shirts ----------------------PHP 5,950

      Polo  -----------------------PHP 5,500


     *For Shirts and Trousers, minimum of 3 pairs if ordered separately from a suit