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Switch it up with Custom Trousers


A great alternative to changing the tone of your outfit is through switching it up with pants. There are a number of elements to work with (fabric, pattern, waistbands, pleats, etc.) to create an entirely new look and feel. 
Mix or match with a new pair of trousers.

About the Trousers

The Common Suits house cut covers approximately 58-60% of the wearer’s height to maximize the leg line, in order to appear taller or slimmer. Fabrics are of European origin to ensure the best look and feel on your trousers. For added flair, we offer several styles of pleats and waistbands for a truly bespoke look.


As our trousers are only available in sets of three, getting at least one for professional attire and casual wear is recommended, but don't let us limit you. Feel free to explore our fabrics, patterns, and all other features for each of your pairs. Our fitting specialist can walk you through our all the options and advise you on what best suits your needs.

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